Specialty dentistry, was set up in 2005 by Dr praveen, Ever since its inception speciality dentistry, has been always considered amongst the best clinics in calicut. Initially we started out as an Orthodontic clinic, but soon as per requests from our patients we started offering a variety of dental treatments ranging from general dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology. Our current team has worked together for many years now, as a result the quality and efficiency of work has greatly improved with each member of the team having their area of specialty. We attend continuing education programs frequently to continuously update ourselves and bring the latest treatments to our patients.


At SD, We always provide our patients with a safe, clean and disinfected environment we ensure that all rooms and equipments are properly set and sterilized daily and after each use. We use protective equipments such as latex gloves, masks, and lab coats. We not only use disposable needles and syringes but we make sure that they are not recycled. The dental chair and unit are kept clean and disinfected at any given point of time & also between patients. The intraoral camera and LC unit requires placing a sensor in the mouth during treatment. We place them in plastic pouches before placing in the mouth and the cover is disposed after each use.